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What is the New York Pack?

The New York Pack is a collection of fully editable Photoshop presets (or Actions) based on the works of acclaimed photographers and retouching houses.

Will these presets make my images look the work of: Annie Leibovitz, Norman Jean Ray, etc.?

We certainly can’t guarantee it. The aim with these presets wasn’t to make it easier to copy the work of other photographers, but rather to make available a selection of famously-used image processes, many of which have become mainstays of fashion and commercial photography. Whether you shoot like those photographers will have the most impact on whether you work resembles theirs.

What makes the NY Pack different from film-look presets?

In effect we developed these in much the same way. As with recreating a film look, we start with a before and after image, and then have to work out the best way to get from one to the other – effectively reverse-engineering the effect of a retoucher, rather than film and a darkroom… Unlike most film presets, however, New York pack presets tend to be more adaptive, utilising lesser-known features in Photoshop to make quantitative judgements about skin, highlights and shadows.

Are these better for studio, natural light or street photography?

As many of these looks derive from fashion editorials, they’re ideally suited to shots that make interesting use of light and shadow. Included with the pack are a number of unretouched sample images featured on the site, to help you both test the presets and to give you some idea of recommended lighting styles.

How many presets are there?

Included are 53 image processing presets, covering 17 unique styles. Also included are an additional 28 modifer presets, covering such processes as tonal balancing, skin colour consistency, and hyperreal effects.

How do I work with the New York pack?

Install it in your Photoshop Actions folder. They should now appear in your Actions menu the next time you load Photoshop.

For a more detailed explanation, see the guide here:



Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the produce, refunds aren’t offered. Ensure you’re familiar with how to install and work with Photoshop Actions before purchasing, and you’re using Photoshop version CS6, CC or later.

Will it work with my version of Photoshop?

The NY Pack is intended for use with Photoshop CS6, CC or above, on Mac or PC. Many of the presets may work with earlier versions, but haven’t been tested extensively.

There are no reported issues with the current version of the NY Pack.

Do these actually retouch my images?

NY Pack presets are focused on replicating the artistic processes employed by retouchers, such as filmic tone curves, colour shifts, highlight and shadow processing, and recolouring. They don’t attempt to smooth or alter the content of your images.