How to use the NY pack.

1) Load an image and ensure you’re in the sRGB colour profile.

– You can set your colour profile in the Edit Menu using Convert to Profile.

Why do we use sRGB?

– Essentially because none of the images we based these looks on required the wider colour gamut of AdobeRGB.

– Experienced users can easily toggle between sRGB and AdobeRGB when necessary, while for the less experienced, sRGB makes for a simpler standard.

2) Locate your Actions Tab.

– This is found in the Window menu, if it’s not obviously available on screen.


3) Select the Leiblitz S preset and press the Play button at the bottom of the Actions tab.


4) If you’re happy with the result, select all the layers and merge them together.

– You can find Merge Layers in the Layers tab, or use the keyboard shortcut.

– If you’re not happy with the result, simply select all the layers apart from the bottom (Background) layer, and press delete or drag them into the bin.

– Otherwise you can toggle individual layers on and off; mix them in and out (using the Opacity slider); or edit any individual layers.














5) Using (pre) presets (optional) and Modifier presets.

– Many of the looks in the pack were reverse engineered from images shot under specific circumstances.

– A (pre) preset will attempt to match your unprocessed, colour-balanced image to the circumstances the presets in that series were developed under.

– Run the (pre) preset prior to applying any other processing, then (as above) select all the layers and Merge them.

– You can now run any of the image presets in that series.

– There are currently only (pre) presets for a few of the looks. Running the image presets with and without them will produce slightly different results.

– The example above (step 3) was processed with Leiblitz S preset, after first applying Leiblitz (pre).