Look inside

How it’s shot.

This classic look is shot simply against a neutral wall or backdrop with a single light source coming from the side. A large soft-lighter or octabox is ideal as it enables soft, even illumination whilst allowing the light to be placed close to the model.
Tip: the closer you can get the light, the more contrast you create, as directly lit surfaces become brightly lit, leaving the usual enemies of contrast (bounced and ambient light) relatively darker.

The presets.

Contrast is very important to this shot as the processing is all about creating colour contrast. Complimentary colours blue and yellow create a warm/cool look that lifts the model from the background and gives colours a ‘designed’, painterly feel. Careful masking is required to avoid an Instagram filter effect. The New York Pack features multiple iterations of this look from various celebrity, sport and fashion campaigns.

Preset: Norman G. Photography by Ruth Rose.